Eexceptional People Needed In Exceptional Times: Seek Out Dr. Uhl

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No one ever expects a deadly diagnosis. No one deserves it. But to share your journey with a compassionate, and naturally brave sole, is a rare find. To have someone you trust and believe in, and believe in their knowledgeto do what seemingly must be done. To better protect your future life, there is not better qualified nor personable and personally supportive, in my experience, with cancer, than Valery Uhl. It is easy to accept surgery and feel free, but to have to undergo radiation e and side-effects is much more difficult to swallow. Therefore, a find of a radiation doctor you can abide with and abide with the process, geared to cure you beyond your surgery, this is a special find. I am grateful to my friend who had the bad fortune of getting breast cancer, but who had the good fortune of finding Dr. Uhl for herself, and thus, I too, benefitted. Blessings and health, as we need you, Dr. Uhl, in sickness and in health or whatever comes. And we will always be there for you too.
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