Support Staff

Our Cancer Support Staff are an essential part of your treatment and treat you as a name, not a number.

Support Staff

As a cancer patient you should expect to be treated as a name, not a number, by clinical support staff who understands that when both the spirit and body are treated together, healing has the greatest success. That’s our approach at East Bay Cancer Physicians and our teams work hard to ensure we battle cancer one patient at a time.

Your clinical support staff includes:

Radiation Therapists (RTs, Therapists): Therapists carry out the administration of radiation during your treatment. They are trained to operate the linear accelerators, makes sure patients are positioned correctly and keeps detailed charts of each treatment. All Radiation Therapists are board certified and licensed by the State of California. You will meet your radiation therapists every day during your radiation treatments.

Radiation Physicists: Physicists are board certified and are behind-the-scenes experts in treatment planning and quality control of the radiation equipment.

Medical Dosimetrists (CMD): Dosimetrists work behind the scenes planning radiation treatments. THey make sure to spare as much normal tissue as possible to give patients the best possible treatment and quality of life once treatments are completed. They probably spend anywhere from 10-100 hours on an individual radiation plan. Our gifted team is board certified and licensed by the State of California – a testament that they will provide the best care for you.

Oncology Nurses (RNs and OCNs): Our nurses help patients navigate the day-to-day side of treatment, closely monitoring their overall health and working with physicians and other staff to monitor progress of treatment. THey also makes sure you get a healthy dose of encouragement each day.

Registed Dieticians (RD): As Board Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition theyhelp patients determine good eating options to help maintain strength and health during a cancer journey. They understand the challenges that patients face during treatment.

Social Workers (SW): Social wondered provide assistance to patients and families throughout the treatment process and beyond. Their goal is to work with you and your family to provide an opportunity to tackle questions, make available counseling resources, help you solve any problems you may have, and to make sure that your needs and concerns are addressed.

Oncology Pharmacists: Onclogy pharmistis provide patient education, continuity of care, convenience, and access to a pharmacist specializing in cancer and treatment. These services include mixing of chemotherapy products for physicians’ offices, providing take-home prescriptions, and filling research prescriptions.

Pharmacy Technicians: Pharmacy technicians dispense prescriptions and ensures you know how to use them and any potential side effects.

Lab technologists: Lab techs examine and analyze blood and other body fluids to enable your physicians to prescribe the appropriate treatments and/or preventive measures to ensure the best therapy for you.

Patient Resource Advocates: Patient advocates help you navigate through the insurance maze. They can offer many resources to help with your financial needs. Their goal is to give you peace of mind because worrying about financing your treatment is the last thing you need.

Music Therapists: Music therapists use music to supplement cancer patients’ treatment plans. He or she may share a variety of musical experiences to improve patient health.

Chaplains: Chaplains provide spiritual and emotional support to patients, their families and staff when they are in need of prayer support, facing a difficult decision, anticipating surgery, having difficulty communicating with family, coping with a long-term illness and more.

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