Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

My experience with radiation treatments for breast cancer under the supervision of Dr. Sachdeva, was much easier than I would have ever imagined. From my very first meeting with Dr. Sachveda, through all the treatments, I always felt cared for and respected. I am so appreciative of the effieciency, competence, friendliness, and good humor of the entire staff. Would you believe that the experience was actually pleasant!!! I am grateful to Dr. Sachveda and all the staff members and highly recommend them for those that need radiation treatment.
Easy to get an appointment and got started fast. Friendly staff.
Dr. Sachdeva has an Amazing Staff. He did a great job with the daily treatments. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Dorothy A.
Dr. Sachdeva is a sweet and caring doctor. He is always approachable and answered all of my questions and my sisters questions. I enjoyed meeting with him every week. His staff is just as wonderful.
No one ever expects a deadly diagnosis. No one deserves it. But to share your journey with a compassionate, and naturally brave sole, is a rare find. To have someone you trust and believe in, and believe in their knowledgeto do what seemingly must be done. To better protect your future life, there is not better qualified nor personable and personally supportive, in my experience, with cancer, than Valery Uhl. It is easy to accept surgery and feel free, but to have to undergo radiation e and side-effects is much more difficult to swallow. Therefore, a find of a radiation doctor you can abide with and abide with the process, geared to cure you beyond your surgery, this is a special find. I am grateful to my friend who had the bad fortune of getting breast cancer, but who had the good fortune of finding Dr. Uhl for herself, and thus, I too, benefitted. Blessings and health, as we need you, Dr. Uhl, in sickness and in health or whatever comes. And we will always be there for you too.
As a breast cancer patient I was a regular visitor 5 days a week for 7 weeks. Dr. Sachdeva is a caring, spiritual, kind, professional perfectly suited to the career he has choosen. The staff as a whole were equally perfect in their kind administration of the job they perform in an atmosphere that is not always uplifting as they deal with patients with serious health problems. The team work was outstanding. I will always be grateful for the quality of care I received and for the positive interaction with everyone involved.
I listened to the other women getting chemo during my chemo sessions and kept hearing Dr. Uhl’s name repeated again and again as a great doctor. I asked for a referral to her and had a detailed consultation session that put all of my breast cancer details together in a way I could understand. She is the BEST!
I had 7 weeks of Radiation with Dr. Sachdeva. I enjoyed seeing him every week in Oakland. I did commute 30 minutes every day to see him and his staff but it was worth it. I will always have a special place for him and his staff in my heart. Everyone including my surgeon at Alta Bates were top notch and saved my life. I have now been a survivor for 2 years.
Dr. Sachdeva is a great doctor. I was referred to Dr. Sachdeva by my surgeon. Dr. Sachdeva made my treatment a “walk in the park” and is one of the most pleasant doctors I have ever met. He is always smiling and knows me by name. Everyone in his department did everything to ensure that i was comfortable on every single visit.
Dr. Sachdeva is the sweetest guy imaginable, and an extremely competent caring radiation oncologist. Spent lots of time explaining things and answering questions. The whole team is kind, efficient, always on time, very responsive.
I didn’t know that I could receive just excellent compassionate care relating to my breast cancer until I came to Dr. Sachdeva’s clinic. He helped me work out a treatment plan that was according to my schedule – I actually came first. His staff (including the valet parking attendants), office clerical and nurses and technicians were friendly, always greeted me by my first name and made me feel that for my time there I was the most important person to them. They made me laugh which diffused the intensity of the situation. They put up with my routine of blindfold and music selections. When issues arose related to my tolerance of radiation and pain post surgery they were immediately reactive and supportive. Dr. Sachdeva was always patient and eager to listen. I am grateful that my journey brought me to Dr. Sachdeva.
I was a patient of Dr. Sachdeva for nearly 3 months, and there are not enough positive words to describe the wonderful treatment I received from him and the radiology/oncology staff. Receiving radiation treatment everyday for months can be a frightening proposal, but Dr. Sachdeva and his staff relieved all my fears. I was always greeted by a warm and smiling staff that made my appointments a very pleasant experience for me. Dr. Sachdeva was kind and caring in his approach with me, and really listened to my questions and concerns and gave me complete answers. I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Sachdeva and his staff for helping me through my cancer.
As a very healthy senior lady who worked for 40+ years in the medical community in West Los Angeles/Santa Monica, I moved to San Leandro and shortly thereafter was diagnosed with breast cancer on routine annual mammogram. Panic! My first impulse was to head back to my comfort zone and the excellent physicians I knew well. I am extremely fussy. I worked with the best, and I expect the best. After a referral to Alta Bates, and eventually surgery, I was referred to Doctor Sachdeva for radiation therapy.

From the first I felt very comfortable in the care of this physician and his radiation support team is top notch. They are caring, upbeat, sensitive professionals. I observed, not just how they handled my medical care, but also the care of patients who were critically ill and frightened. Doctor Sachdeva and his medical team are right up there with the best.

Thanks to all of you!

Dr. Uhl is an incredibly smart and honest doctor who treats your cancer for cure. She saved my life.
I was referred to Dr. Sachdeva and the Radiation Oncology techinicans for 7 weeks of radiation. I didn’t know if I would be treated as just another patient in line for treatment. Would I sit for long periods without explanation? Would they understand my concerns? Would they care?

Well I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Sachdeva and the care I received. ALL questions, concerns or care were answered and always with encouragment. What a pleasure to have a carring physician. If you’re in need of a good Radiation Oncology you don’t need to look futher.

Thanks for giving me back my life.

Cancer sucks! – but here is one of the few doctors in oncology who don’t! Dr. Valery Uhl (pronounced Yule) is a top notch radiation oncologist practicing in Oakland CA (Alta Bates Summit) You can’t get anyone better or nicer. Dr. Uhl is on the Tumor Board, plus teaches at UCSF, attends the conferences, donates wine to breast cancer awareness and fundraising, gives public talks, and has many fans among her patients. You are not rushed or crowded or treated like cattle as is the case elsewhere. So, if your surgeon wants to recommend you elsewhere for radiation, to get a second opinion, or if you are not completely confident or satisfied or comfortable with the radiation oncologist you are referred to, do yourself a big favor and ask your doctor to call Dr. Uhl’s office.
I was treated by Dr. Sachdeva in Berkeley for my breast cancer. I commuted from Fremont everyday but i did not mind the commute for the level of care he and his staff provided. I am now in remission for 5 years and am thankful for being referred to Alta Bates.
I had prostate cancer and Dr. Uhl took care of it. I live a normal, very active, healthy life with no side effects from the treatment. I bless the day my urologist sent me to Dr. Uhl.
I just completed a couple of months radiation therapy at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Oakland under the supervision of Dr. Gopal. I was so reluctant and scared at the beginning that Dr. Sachdeva took his time explaining all the different options and clearly described the process which convinced me that I was in good hands right at the get go. Even more impressive was how the Radiation Therapists were passionate about the care. They made me feel that they were there for me at all times. They listened to my feelings and cared as if I was the only patient. Everything went smoothly, from the parking attendant to the reception and finally to the treatment that never missed or delayed the scheduled appointment time. I will forever be grateful for having Adrian, Lily and all the Radiation Treatment Team. This is what I call PATIENT CARE.
You have the choice of which doctors will treat you. It’s your life! It is your duty to find the best doctor for you. Don’t let anyone force you to accept treatment from someone who won’t answer your questions, or appears not to careabout you as a unique individual whose life is important. You are worthy. You need the best care. Dr. Uhl provides that and is a smart, wonderful, caring person.
Dr. Sachdeva is personable, compassionate and his staff is wonderful. Thank you Dr. Sachdeva for your loving Care.
Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and was treated by Dr. S and Dr. Demanes. My PSA remains undetectable thanks to the team.
Dr. Uhl took care of my breast cancer and always had plenty of time for me. She loves to teach so you can ask lots of questions. i always look forward to our follow up visits and have recommended her to my two friends that also got breast cancer. They are also extremely pleased with their care at Summit Medical Center with Dr. Uhl. All of us think she is an exceptional doctor and feel so lucky she is on our cancer team.
Dr. Sachdeva was my dad’s cancer doctor when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He has an amazing bedside manner and took excellent care of my dad. We were treated in the Oakland office and the staff was just as amazing. Thank you!
I was very impressed with the way Dr. Sachdeva and all the staff worked well together, just to make my life better. The only thing I can add is all of you have a special place in my heart forever. Thank you so much. Happy 2010 to everyone.
My mom received excellent care from Dr Sachdeva and his team. I feel that she had the very best outcome possible because of Dr. Sachdeva’s prescribed therapy. I recommend him highly as a radiation oncologist – and he always makes my mom smile.

It was a long road to recovery for my mom with her cancer treatment. Dr. Sachdeva made a big difference and we will never forget it.

I was quite happy with his (Dr. Sachdeva’s) care and treatment, as also with the facilities. I never had to wait and went for five weeks every day for radiation. Everybody was nice and even our parking was validated. I have no complaints and I was happily surprised when told that they had the latest equipment.
Suv R.
My mother was a patient of Dr. Sachdeva for a month long radiation treatment. Dr. Sachdeva is an extraordinary professional who cares about his patients and follows through on things. During the last 4 treatment my mother wanted to give up but Dr. Sachdeva gave her a lot of encouragement and she was unable to finish the whole treat. Great job, Dr. Sachdeva.
The care that my mom received from Dr. Sachdeva and his team was absolutely stellar!

Without a doubt, visiting a Radiology Oncologist can be an intimidating and frightening experience, but with Dr. Sachdeva, it was totally the opposite. The patience and care that he offered was endless. He was readily available for any and all concerns that we had. Every step of the way, everything was explained in a very clear, comprehensible manner.

The team of nurses and technicians all work together in a manner that exudes the confidence and upbeat attitude that a patient needs to get through one of the most difficult times in a patient’s life. I truly believe that my mom wouldn’t have been able to complete her radiation treatment, had it not been for the unique relationships she formed with each and every person in Dr. Sachdeva’s office.

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